Kate Warner
Recent local events give me hope at a time when climate change news is becoming more and more dire.
Climate change
Kate Warner
As a heat dome persists over the American West, an untamable wildfire rages over southern Oregon and record hot temperatures and water shortages make life in the West difficult, floods in much of Europe — Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland, parts of England and now China — have also had a devastating effect.
Climate change
Noah Asimow
Eversource has canceled a long-awaited battery energy storage project planned for Martha’s Vineyard, complicating a plan to achieve ambitious green energy goals on the Vineyard.
Climate change
Island Climate Action Network
Brendan O'Neill
The Martha’s Vineyard Commission is taking an important step to address the Island’s growth crisis through a new carrying capacity study.
Climate change


Eversource earlier this month received the green light to beef up its electrical infrastructure on Cape Cod, making it easier for Island solar projects to tie into the grid.

As the town weighs the potential impacts of the climate crisis in the coming decades, a high priority is maintaining access to the hospital, which is located on the coast in an already active flood zone.

Since 2022, Eversource has been telling customers on the Vineyard that the utility company cannot take on any solar projects larger than 15 kilowatts — and in some instances 25 kilowatts — while it plans to beef up a Falmouth substation that services the Island.

Kate Warner is scared. The rate at which climate change is occurring terrifies her, and as energy planner for the Martha’s Vineyard Commission (MVC), she is trying to get Vineyarders to act.

Climatologists say the prevalence of strong southerly storms that have battered the Vineyard’s south shore this winter are due, in part, to the first El Niño winter in five years.


Gardeners on the Vineyard are experiencing warmer winters on average, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s newly released Plant Hardiness Zone Map.