Lights Out, Briefly
A brief power outage affected thousands of Eversource customers on the Vineyard Thursday morning before service was quickly restored.
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Early Morning Power Outage Explained
A 12-minute early morning power outage on the Vineyard was quickly resolved after the cause was located at a Falmouth substation, an Eversource spokesman said Thursday.
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Tisbury Renews Objections to Eversource Spraying
The Tisbury town administrator pressed his select board this week to take a tough stance against the ongoing practice by Eversource of spraying herbicides beneath power line rights of way.
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Eversource Set to Make Repairs to Undersea Cable, After Fault Found
Eversource is set to begin making repairs this week on the submarine cable to Martha’s Vineyard that failed last month.
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Undersea Cable Failure Highlights Stress on Vineyard Energy Grid
Eversource has canceled a long-awaited battery energy storage project planned for Martha’s Vineyard, complicating a plan to achieve ambitious green energy goals on the Vineyard.
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Eversource Brings in Backup After Cable Failure
Rolling blackouts and temporary power outages experienced across the Island last weekend were caused by an undersea cable failure, according to Eversource.
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Eversource Files New Plan for Spraying on Cape and Islands
Landry Harlan

Eversource will not spray herbicides around power lines on the Island this year, but debate is far from over as the utility giant files a five-year plan that would allow continued spraying.

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Eversource Protest Draws a Crowd
Louisa Hufstader

A mix of Islanders gathered Sunday to protest the plan to apply herbicides under power lines on Martha’s Vineyard this week.

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Towns Try to Block Eversource Spraying, but Learn They Lack Clout
Sara Brown and Heather Hamacek
Eversource Energy’s plans to spray herbicides under power lines on the Vineyard remained in the spotlight this week.
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Tisbury Goes to Court Against Eversource
Heather Hamacek

Following the lead of the town of Brewster, the Tisbury selectmen will go to court against Eversource to try to block the planned spraying of herbicides.

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