Riis Williams

New Pole Proposal Raises Flag Debate in Oak Bluffs

A proposed flag policy in Oak Bluffs was debated again Tuesday by the select board when member Emma Green-Beach pitched the installation of a new town ceremonial flagpole.

The pole would fly non-federally recognized flags, such as the Juneteenth and Progress Pride flags, to promote town diversity and inclusivity, she said.

The select board was in support of the sentiment behind the pole, but some members were concerned about its potential to cause divisiveness over what flags can and cannot be flown.

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Noyes Building Set to Welcome New Tenants

Renovations for two new affordable housing units in Oak Bluffs began last September. The studio and one-bedroom apartments were presented by the Oak Bluffs affordable housing committee at an open house on Sunday.

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Island Eats MV Takes Aim at Zero Waste

Jessica Mason has always had a deep consciousness and appreciation for the natural environment — a quality that increased when she moved to the Vineyard in 2020.

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Ukrainian Family Gets a Vineyard Respite from War

When Olena Gnes started her YouTube channel three years ago, she created videos to showcase the beauty of Ukraine.

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Locals Puts Island Arts Center Stage

A wide variety of Island talent will be on display next week at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury.

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Llamas With a Mission: Keeping Watch Over Alpaca Friends

Two new llamas recently arrived at Island Alpaca Company, recruited by owner Barbara Ronchetti who is hoping they will help protect the alpaca herd against the Island’s coyote population.

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Island Collective Has a Nashville Groove

Three years ago, Island-based singer-songwriters Phil daRosa, Kate Taylor and Isaac Taylor, along with Rebecca Correia of New Bedford and Nashville, made their Nashville debut under the name The Island Collective.

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A Poetry of Words and Images

For Island-based author Kate Feiffer, writing has always taken precedence over her artwork.

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When Science and Dance Partner Up

It's not often that scientists at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) find themselves in a ballet studio.

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Oak Bluffs Passes Budget, Spending Requests

Residents of Oak Bluffs swiftly worked their way through their annual and special town meetings Tuesday at the regional high school’s performing arts center, approving all articles with little deliberation in under two hours.

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