Annual Sheepapalooza at the Farm Institute. Alison L. Mead

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sheep could be heard bleating and greeting visitors at the Farm Institute this past weekend at the fourth annual Sheepapalooza.

Outside, freshly shorn sheep and young lambs grazed the lawn as the farm celebrated all things spring. Oxen Apollo and Zeus led wagon rides with the help of Sidney Morris. Sheep dog demonstrations were a popular activity for kids of all ages to see. Palooza visitors also enjoyed a locally grown lunch of Island greens, burgers and shepherd's pie.

Inside the barn Andrew Rice demonstrated the delicate art of sheep shearing, shearing almost 30 sheep in all. At the other end of the barn Nicola Blake spun natural color fiber from the fleece shorn from last year's sheep. Two young lambs poked their pink noses through a pen treating equally curious young visitors to a pat or two . . . or three. This year, the farm welcomed 58 new lambs, and April 12 could not have been a better day to officially welcome them as another sign of spring.


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