On Thursday July 18 the serious work began
On Thursday, July 18 the serious work began. Mark Alan Lovewell
  • On Thursday July 18 the serious work began
  • The cafeteria, orignally the old gym was the first to come down.
  • Water keeps the dust down.
  • August 5
  • A war zone
  • The old school is a skeleton.
  • The last remaining wall.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

It took nearly all summer. On Wednesday, August 21, the last wall of the old Edgartown School came down and what remains are several piles of debris and recyclables. The site will be cleaned up for construction of the new Edgartown Library.

The loss of the old building comes with mixed feelings. A lot of youngsters grew up in that school. There are generations of adults who learned their "A, B, C's" in those classrooms.

But like the passing of an old car, and the purchasing of a new one, the Town looks forward to using the precious space for something more relevant to the lives of its residents. A new public library is long awaited.

The tearing down of the old school began early in July. Week after week, the excavating crane took pieces of the old school, one handful at a time.

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Sara Piazza, Edg.
I was asked recently if I had a photo of the school pre tear-down. I meant to grab one but alas, I got busy and never got to it. There must be one someplace, right? Great photos, Mark. Yeah, mixed feelings, but great entertainment while walking out and about with a construction-site-obsessed two year-old.
August 27, 2013 - 1:06pm


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