This rural coastal part of town includes Edgartown Great Pond, Oyster Pond, Wintucket, and a portion of the state forest. Three-acre minimum zoning and conservation land have kept this area more sparsely populated than other parts of the town, and there are vast tracts covered with blueberry and huckleberry bushes. Turkeyland Cove, a public landing at Edgartown Great Pond, is a favorite spot among kayakers and shell fishermen.


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Edgartown Town Column: Sept. 13
Kathie Case

What can I say, I love this weather. The sun has been out and it is still warm, but with the breezes, (except the wind on Tuesday) it has been pretty nice. The cool evenings help us to sleep a little better, but now it gets lighter later and the eyes don’t want to open as early. Oh well, we will take what we are given.

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Edgartown Town Column: Sept. 6
Kathie Case

Cloudy days, hot and humid and now they are saying the fall weather is coming this weekend. Welcome to September. This is a personal favorite month as I love the color blue the sky is and the white billowy clouds. Happy birthday to all who celebrated their birthday this past week.

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