We welcomed the rain on Tuesday, even if it was not enough. It actually felt good having the rain running on your face. Now we are into the chilly weather that everyone loves.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Tyler Edwards who celebrated on Sept. 1, Spencer Schofield on Sept. 4, Sara Parece on Sept. 6, Jonathan Santana and Lukah Vieira on Sept. 7, Jacquelyn Hegarty, Damon Krause, Alana Morris, and Janelle Murphy who all celebrated on Sept. 8, Carlos Bricoli, Nicholas Davies, and Adeline Hayman on Sept. 9, Livia Sampaio on Sept. 10 and Kiana Casey who celebrated her day on Sept. 11.

Special birthday wishes go out to Sam Leighton, who celebrated his 83rd birthday on Sept. 7. I understand it was a great party that concluded with a Dairy Queen cake.

It is fishing derby time and it once was that women would become fishing widows. That is not the story now. The women are giving great competition to everyone. Even the kids’ categories are full. It is great that this famous derby has become a family event for some. Good luck everyone, and keep the lines tight.

Bess Stone called with a report on the Federated Church’s chowder supper this summer. The suppers were held Thursday night just before the Vineyard Sound concerts, so you could go have some chowder and enjoy the voices of the young men. She was pleased to announce that they made $1,600 for the Food Pantry.

As I have told you before, working at the nursery has been an adventure. There is always something to look at or watch. I was standing at the register one day and something caught my eye. I looked and it was a hummingbird going from petunia to petunia. We watched him flow from one flower to another with his little wings going a hundred miles an hour and looking like he was floating in air.

We had another visitor I had never heard of: a hummingbird moth. He was on the buddleia in front of Patty and Ernie’s office. He had the body of a moth but he floated and his face was much like a humming bird. He was very cute and almost strange.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.