Do you remember the old Johnny Paycheck song from the 1970s titled, Take This Job and Shove It? A lot of people took Paycheck’s advice and came to East Chop. I counted 35, and there may be many more.

In talking with some of them last week, their reasons for coming were similar to the seniors I wrote about last week. It was their dream. They came to make a life. Earning a living was a secondary concern. You find them working in the schools, in their own business, telecommuting, and consulting.

As with the retired seniors, the Island becomes a smaller place for them after Labor Day. In addition to work, they are active as volunteers and in social clubs throughout the Island. The presence of our retired seniors and working residents beyond East Chop has helped to link us more positively to the larger Island community.

“The magic of this place continues throughout the winter,” Debby Lewis commented to me with a smile.

“We take care of each other in the winter,” Bob Huss added. “It’s a wonderful, vibrant community.”

One person I would love to have retire here is Margaret Young. I have come to know Margaret because as a single woman she has gravitated to Lyn for fixing all the little problems with her house. Margaret lives next door to Ted and Wendy Burnham, overlooking the beach club.

Margaret has had a distinguished business career. She graduated from Trinity College at 19 where she is now a member of the board of trustees. She began her career at IBM in 1976. Eight years later she left IBM to pursue a master’s degree in business administration at Harvard University. Returning to IBM after graduation, she was appointed assistant to the chairman, culminating her career several years later as director of strategy for U.S. marketing and services. She now serves as president of the Mill Square Group, a marketing consulting firm specializing in developing new markets for companies in the telecommunications, travel and hospitality, financial services, and technology industries.

Margaret looks forward to her Vineyard retreat as a place to re-gather her energy and to work reflectively away from the day-to-day demands of her company. She especially enjoys working on restoring her home, golf, and entertaining friends. We are honored to have her as a member of our community.

Finally, it has been a good month for East Chop grandmothers. Alexander Thomas Puchner was born on Sept. 10 in Albany, N.Y. According to Grandma Betsy, Alex is healthy and spirited, doing an excellent job letting his wishes be known. His pattern to date is to sleep soundly during the day, and then when the sun sets . . . Parents Tom and Stephanie are learning to adjust to their first child.

Grandmother Nancy was not to be outdone. Blake Lee Goldthwait was born on Sept. 23. Both Blake and mother Julie are doing fine. Blake’s father Edward is reported to be exhausted after taking responsibility for Blake’s brother Charlie. Nancy flew immediately to Issaqua, Wash., to lend a helping hand. Julie’s mother, Kay Ahn, will soon join them after fulfilling a prior commitment to sing at the White House. I wonder if little Blake can sing? Good luck, Julie.