You were wandering around looking lost and lonely. When we looked at each other, I immediately could see you wanted me to help rescue you. Your eyes said: “Please take me home with you — I promise to be good.”

For the next five years we were best friends.

On Sept. 11 I lost Happy to a series of illnesses.

Thanks to Dr. Dave Tuminaro, Terri Lowe, Dr. Roger Williams and the staff at Animal Health Care and all the people that knew Happy. All the phone calls, e-mails, sympathy cards, and all of your kindness and care were comforting to me in this time of sadness of her passing.

Happy, thanks for being a devoted, true beauty and best friend. You were always a good girl. We shared a good life together. I will live on all the good memories of you forever.

You are deeply missed. You are my angel.

Angelo DiMeglio

Oak Bluffs