Welcome to the world, Owen Penicaud. John-Eric and Adriana Penicaud of Charlestown had their first child. Owen is the grandson of Dominique and Margaret Penicaud of Vineyard Haven. The new boy and his folks are doing fine. Meanwhile, Margaret, always so involved in wonderful projects, is continuing her work in Haiti. Peg will leave with a group from the Vineyard on Nov. 5 to deliver medical, school, and sewing supplies. During this 10-day mission, the group will conduct a quilt workshop and assess the progress of the fish farm they instituted so many years back. Safe travel and success to all.

I can’t believe Marjorie Convery will not be one of the smiling faces at the library. After 17 years of service, she certainly deserves her new life in Florida. Her goodbye party was a great success this past Friday. I hope she is a regular visitor back up north. Marjorie and her husband will be living near another famous former town worker, Eileen Whiting. Our best to all of them.

Get out your pens and calendars, or your BlackBerries if you are so advanced — there are a lot of important meetings, films and fun you should not miss.

The League of Women Voters meets tomorrow morning at the Howes House in West Tisbury at 8:30 a.m. On the agenda are fundraising and the immigration study. All are welcome. You are also welcome to vent in one or two paragraphs on any concerns or issues you may have and send it off to the league by Nov. 10. E-mail What an opportunity.

The Howes House is hopping. That will also be the site of the Martha’s Vineyard Cultural Council meeting at 11 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 4. Everyone is welcome. The agenda is reviewing grant applications.

Marsha Wynsyrg’s pet project, the African Artists’ Community Development, will hold a festival, film, and auction at the Hebrew Center tomorrow night, Nov. 3 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. A 20-minute film, Waging Peace in Zambia, will be a highlight of the program. Suggested donation is $10. African crafts and art will be on display and for sale. If you need more information, call Marsha at 508-693-4059. I’ll see you there.

The Martha’s Vineyard Film Society is back. Tonight’s offering at the historic Katharine Cornell Theatre at 7:30 p.m. is In the Shadow of the Moon, an amazing film documenting the early years of the U.S. lunar program. Surviving crew members are interviewed from every Apollo mission and archival material from NASA is shown, all against the backdrop of the sixties and early seventies. Not to be missed, I’ll see you there.

The library continues to entertain and inspire. Mary Holmes presents teen movies at 3:30 p.m. every Wednesday and teen game night from 6 to 7 p.m. every Thursday. (Of course, on Thanksgiving night the library will be closed. Stay home and play games with your family after the big meal.) On Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 2 to 4 p.m., drop-in crafts are offered. That same day the little kids, age 3 and up, sing along with Susie Bowman at 11 a.m. We are doing our best to keep the library moving in the Marjorie tradition.

You all remember how devoted Nancy Hoffmann was to this Island, notably with her Sail Martha’s Vineyard work. Nancy was the last stop at the Tip of the Point and the first stop in many of our hearts. She moved to Rancho Santa Fe several years ago, where I had the pleasure to visit her last April. We have been very concerned because she was in the path of the great fire. After trying to reach her for four days, I am happy to report that Nancy and her home are fine, though she did have to evacuate, and her voice is a bit smoky from the atmosphere. As is her way, Nancy expressed great sorrow for those who lost their lives, homes and valuables. She did say that everyone was so kind to those forced to evacuate. Nancy sends regards and thanks to everyone on Island who was thinking of her.

I send regards to two new friends who know who they are, especially since I’ll state they introduced me to the effervescent Dot Eldefrey. As far as new friendships go, I implore Harry Stotz to give a shout when he’s on Island so that we can discuss the Old Country.

Belated birthday balloons to Keissila Cecilio, who turned four years old on Oct. 27. Keissila partied with family and friends and enjoyed a celebration at her church.

Get-well bouquets go out to Penha Prata, recovering from surgery at Beth Israel. Gloria von Mehren is recovering from knee surgery here at our hospital. May both these ladies be home soon.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Mauro Cotta today. Nov. 3 honors Jonas Budris. Nov. 4 is a party for Becca Hamilton, Marianne Schmidt and Marianne Ojile. Nov. 5 is for Alex Campbell, Jessica Brown and Claire Joannidi. Nov. 6 belongs to Ashley Tilton and Marilyn O’Callaghan. Nov. 7 honors Lynne Kressin and Jeff Masi Jr. And on Nov. 8, Adelaide Silva and Nancy MacMullen take the cake. Many happy returns.