Greetings from the sophomores and best wishes for 2008 to all our readers.

For this special issue, students reflected on the world that they are living in, and their own personal aspirations for the new year. Our young people feel strongly about the state of the world, our overuse of its resources, world peace, fear and the war in Iraq. They hope for a better world. Let’s hope and pray that the world does not disappoint them.

— Elaine Cawley Weintraub,

Sophomores Speak Out, advisor.

My New Year’s Resolution


2007 was a great year for me. This year I went to my favorite summer camp for 7 1/2 weeks, got the chance to meet some great new people, and did things I had never gotten the chance to do before. In 2008 I would like to change some of the things that I have done all my life. To start, I’ve never gotten truly wonderful grades in school. I am hoping to get on high honor roll the rest of the year. Another thing I want to do; I would love to wake up earlier. I find myself cramming my time in the morning. Waking up at 7:10 to get to school by 7:30 is pushing it, going at the pace I function in the morning. I’m going to try to show my respect towards my peers, the ones that mean the most to me; sometimes I forget how lucky I am to have them. That goes the same for my parents. My attitude can get in the way of a point I am trying to make, or even when I want to ask a simple question, I’m already trying to be less hostile. In 2008, I will be a better person.

Imagine . . .


For the year 2008, I wish that this war could end but end at a peaceful place. That would truly be what I would want for the new year. For the United States I would like a president who knows what he or she is doing, and can help us as a nation and not hurt us. So as corny as it sounds, I want there to be peace. I want to travel on an airplane and feel confident that I will be OK I want to feel safe and secure. It’s not supposed to be frightening to see someone who looks different and having thoughts run through your head that they “might be terrorists” or “Oh my God, do they have a gun?” but sadly, that is what this world and our nation have come to. But hopefully, the new year will bring change and freedom for fear for us all.

Sweet Sixteen


I just had my 16th birthday today so now more than ever I have many new optimistic hopes for the year to come. The year of 2007 was also one of many hilarious times and cheek-cramping smiles, so I think I’ve already been very blessed, but I probably had the roughest past year of all my years between breaking my leg to being hospitalized for mononucleosis, so I’ll fully appreciate anything positive that comes my way. It definitely was started off right when I received a white Ford Explorer for my birthday.

I hope 2008 brings my outstanding and deserving best friends days of happy surprises and full health. They all work extremely hard in school and are honest, trustworthy, and loving in everything they do. I hope and pray that the world will be drastically different in the new year to come. I hope that all the insanity in Darfur will be terminated permanently and all of the horrific terrorist attacks in the U.S. and all over the world will be under control.

In the Best of All Worlds


What I would like to happen for me this New Year is to make on to the varsity basketball team maybe before the next year, or shortly after. I would also like to get a car from my parents, but that is very unlikely. I would like the basketball team to win all of its games and go to the state championship and win.

What I would like to happen to the world in 2008 is to stop the war in Iraq, and to keep the peace all over the world. I would like for the new president who is elected to do a good job and not worsen our economy anymore. I would also like them to find a clean alternative for oil that will burn clean, and not further pollute our world.

Change Needs to Come


Over the course of the next year, I am hoping for change for myself and for the world. 2007 was a good year, but 2008 needs to be better. Me, and the world, both need to improve in order to excel at everything we do. I would like to stop slacking and get to the gym in order to be a better football player, and be prepared for next year’s season. This year, I feel I did make an improvement in school and I got higher grades, but I think I can do an even better job next year. Anything can be done if you put your mind to it.

For the world, I want peace. Parts of the world have dug themselves into a hole and can’t make peace. These differences need to be settled so that we can stop worrying about war and start thinking as one unit. We need to work together to improve the world and find solutions to global warming, and even the genocides that keep happening. We can’t possibly do that if we are constantly fearing the thought of war. Maybe with a new president we can succeed. Change needs to be made and maybe a president of a different race or a different gender will be the answer for us.

Freedom from Fear


For the year 2008, my main wish is just to have world peace. Although this is probably everyone’s dream, no one seems to do anything about it to make the dream come true. One easy way to begin making peace is by ending the war in Iraq. The fact is hardly anyone even knows why we are still fighting and continually killing soldier after soldier. It’s just horrible. Another way to step into peace is to get a new president who knows what they are doing, and can help save the world before it gets even worse. If the new president is a woman, or an African American, it opens up a new path for the world. People shouldn’t be afraid to get on an airplane. They shouldn’t walk around and begin to think: “he might be a terrorist” or “please don’t have a gun” just because someone looks differently than we do. This world has gotten to be horrible place and all the peace that there ever was is slowly slipping away.

Simple Needs


The New Year always brings about expectations and resolutions for people. Mine this year, are simple. For myself, I just hope to be happy and healthy. I am not expecting any drastic changes. I just want to be able to enjoy my life and be surrounded by friends and family.

My hopes for the world, in 2008, are that our country will elect the candidate most suitable for president and that the person they elect will help end the war in Iraq. Hopefully, by ending that conflict we can move into a time of peace. I also hope that other conflicts around the world can be resolved among political powers. In addition to these typical hopes, it would be a great breakthrough if a cure for cancer is found and alternative means of transportation are developed.

Good and Getting Better


I definitely cannot complain with what 2007 has given to me, a second season for caddying, tons of new friends to hang with, and more trips out of Massachusetts. I can only imagine how dope 2008 will be. My hopes for 2008, for myself, are to play lacrosse for the school, get my license and go to California for a week, as opposed to three days.

For the world, I just hope that neither Mitt Romney nor Hillary Clinton are elected president, or, for that matter, Mike Huckabee. Actually let’s just do the world a favor, and get more electoral candidates for the 2008 season. We could use fewer super-religious, gay-hating conservative candidates. After all, why let your religion or your beliefs get in the way of your job? We could also use fewer liberals who think they deserve the job of president because they are “different.” It’s absolutely great that there are women and African Americans who want to run for president, but they don’t have to single themselves out and make themselves look like innovators because of their so-called differences. We’re all equal, whether we are gay, straight, black, white, a woman or a man.

My Personal Best


For 2008 I want to become stronger, faster and better so that I will become a valuable player on varsity football for the Vineyard. I don’t want to be that person on the sideline. I want to become at least second string on defense. Another New Year’s resolution: I want to improve my handwriting so it doesn’t look like a second grader wrote it. With that improvement, maybe I can also get my grade average up so I can get on honor roll.

My Personal Plan for 2008


In 2008, I want to be a lot smarter in school and have higher grades in my class. I know that I can do that when I put my mind to it. I also hope to get a job and get some money for the things that I need.

Sports Matter


In 2008, I want to be moved to the varsity hockey team, and I hope to make the varsity lacrosse team. That’s very important to me. I hope that the U.S. will choose wisely when it comes to picking the next president, and that the war in the Middle East will come to an end.

Peace for Palestine in 2008


My hopes for this New Year involve the peace talks between Israel and Palestine. I hope that Israel will back off Palestine. The Israelis have put on oppressive limitations on Palestinian movement, which are hurting the Palestinian economy. This then leads to unrest and hostility, then leading to the peace talks being drawn out, if not unsuccessful. The Palestinians being oppressed comes full circle and causes higher tensions and many issues to overcome in the negotiating rooms. The Israelis may not get their dream of peace beside Palestine.

Israel releasing its grip on Palestine is seen internationally as an important part of reviving the Palestinian economy. Their economy has gotten so bad that in the Gaza Strip the innocent citizens are barely getting by. According to the World Bank, if Israel continues to refuse to loosen their grip on Palestinian travel and trade, the international pledges from the recent Paris conference may be pointless. An example of one of the travel and trade limitations implemented by the Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak are the road blocks and barriers in the West Bank. He claims that they have helped cut down attacks on Israel from Palestine, but they limit Palestinian access to travel and trade.