How about those Pats! Great game last Sunday. A bunch of us in the neighborhood gathered at Bill and Debbie Little’s lovely home to cheer on Tom Brady. I did get home in time to see the exciting overtime in the Giants game. But even though I was born in New York, you know what team I’ll be rooting for on Super Bowl Sunday. My English Conversation classes have begun at the Edgartown library, now temporarily in the town hall, and you can bet that I assign watching the Patriots as homework. I told my class it’s a question on the citizenship test. Once again, I must mention how dedicated the Edgartown librarians are, and how inventive. They are doing a great job running the library and their programs from the selectmen’s meeting room.

If you were as lucky as I was to receive a purple flyer on your car, you know that Curves has re-opened bigger and better at 459 Woodland Center, lower level. The flyer entitles you to one free week or a discount on a membership. It’s not too late to fulfill those New Year’s resolutions. I’ll see you there.

While you’re up that way, don’t forget to stop at Nicky’s Café for gifts for yourself and your friends. I picked up two bottles of Laura and Bob’s delectable dipping oil, one mild, one spicy. I’m keeping the spicy one.

Speaking of great food, tomorrow night is another opportunity for you to support our charter school and have a delicious dinner. Bring a date. The Dr. Daniel Fisher House in Edgartown is the site of this fabulous program. The fare is Jamaican. Dinner begins at 6 p.m. Bring your own beverage. Call Paul Karasik at the school at 508-693-9900, or ring Midnight Farm at 508-693-1997, to reserve your seat.

Today is the birthday of Robbie Burns. The annual Scottish Society dinner in his honor is tomorrow night at Outerland. I’m not sure if seats still are available, but Patsy Wheeler, who works so hard to organize the event, would be the one to call on that.

Two gracious ladies left us this month.

My friend Jane Ware, formerly of the Vineyard and recently of Maine, died and has left us sad. What a great person! Her involvement, as well as her husband Jack’s, in this community gave our town so much.

On Tuesday, Thelma Baird died. She gave us 100 great years. Her party at Windemere on Jan. 15 brought together so many people she had touched. I treasure the sweaters and afghans she made for my son when he was a little boy, and they will go on to his sons. I remember her baking wonderful desserts whenever she visited us. Her interest in family and friends was unparalleled. I was most impressed by what a great reader she was, even into her 100th year, and how many books she consumed each week. Auntie Thelma will be greatly missed and greatly remembered.

The birthday bandwagon pulls along Robbie Burns, Kristin Pachico, and Bunny Davis today. Tomorrow is claimed by Shirley McCarthy. Jan. 27 is a party for Gail Burke, Fatima Silva, and Caroline Davey. Jan. 28 honors Courtney Daly, Alyssa Rose Miller, Lou Natichioni and Selma Balbino. Jan. 29 is for Elisha Smith, Evelyn DeLoach and Sasha Robinson White. And on Jan. 31, Jarrett Campbell, Kelly McElhinney, and Jennifer Roman take the cake. Many happy returns.