Open Mike at Island Co-Housing, a new monthly series that continues Friday, Feb. 1 at 6 p.m., is designed to encourage any and all youngsters to play and enjoy each other’s music.

When organizer Paul Lazes read an article in the Gazette a few months back about surveys revealing the alarming attempted suicide rate at the high school, he decided he needed to take action. “It is my firm belief that a vibrant music scene of young performers is achievable on the Vineyard,” he said.

“Anyone can make music,” Mr. Lazes said. “It doesn’t require any money, only inspiration. Singing is music. There are kids all over Manhattan drumming on five-gallon buckets. And if you can scrape together a few bucks, there’s a universe that opens up.

“Music and art can help fill the void kids on the Vineyard experience,” he said. “They can do it alone. They can do it with a friend. They can do it with adults. And there are a great deal of very talented musicians to inspire the kids right here. That’s why we invite professional performers to warm up the Open Mike at Island Co-Housing. What we need are more performers and a larger audience. Encourage your kid to play music. Encourage them to listen to music. Encourage them to come to open mike at Island Co-Housing next Friday.”

For any information, call Mr. Lazes at 774–253-3828.