What follows is a collection of reader feedbacks from the Gazette Web site.

Traffic Mishap Kills Vineyard Haven Woman, published Feb. 1:

This is so sad. I hope that the illegal alien who was driving the van will be prosecuted and then deported back to Brazil. He was cited three times for unlicensed driving, so he does not deserve to live on the Island. He is getting the best of care at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, at the expense of us taxpayers. Where is the justice in this?

Christine Powers


Obituary for former Oak Bluffs police chief Peter M. Williamson, published Jan. 25:

We were so sorry to hear the news about the passing of Chief Williamson. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. He will be missed.

Deidre and Henry Diodati

Oak Bluffs and Naples, Fla.

I knew Peter and his wife Judy from Florida. A perfect gentleman. I’ll miss seeing him in Florida. My heartfelt condolences to Judy and the family. I just picked up a note from them. They had sent me pictures from my birthday party in Florida. And they said that they were looking forward to seeing us all. They were going to be my upstairs neighbors. God rest his soul.

Joe Bloomfield

Scotch Plains, N.J.

What a wonderfully honest and fair-minded man of principle. The Island will sorely miss such a quality individual.

Lance Slaughter

Washington, D.C.

Health Care Access Program, published Feb. 1:

This is an incredible program and I’m proud for the time I lived in the Island I was able to see it from close while I worked with Sara. I wish all states would have a program like this set up. It makes me sad to know funds are being cut up to 50 per cent; the people really need the help. Congratulations to Sara and her team for all the effort.

Mariana Minatti

Herndon, Va.

Obituary for Cam Benedict, published Jan. 11:

Cam, you will always hold a special place in my heart. You introduced a gang of high school girls who were your good friends to the Vineyard in 1971. We had a blast and many of us returned in the summer of 1974 to remain on the Vineyard for years to follow. You made me laugh every day we were together, and that memory still brings me joy. I want to thank you for all the joy and laughter your gave me. I miss you. Rest in peace.

Elly Soel

Ridgewood, N.J.

Obituary for Peter Hillman Luce, published Nov. 2, 2007:

In high school, Peter was my best friend. We lost contact over the years after I moved to Arizona and I have been trying to find him for years. I did a search on his name today and found this obituary, much to my shock. Please extend my sympathy to Susan and his family. I fondly remember all the good times we had at the Luce home in Hingham. And as 17-year-olds, one summer we took the train from Boston and the ferry to the Vineyard for a two-week stay. No reservations, slept on the beach, met some wonderful people, and had the time of our lives. I think that is when Peter fell in love with the Vineyard.

Russ King

Phoenix, Ariz.