Truck Delivers Trout

Recreational freshwater fishing got a boost on the Vineyard on Tuesday when state officials delivered more than 1,100 healthy, hearty trout, all of them over a foot in length, to four Island ponds.

Using a special hauling truck that holds a lot of bubbling water, the state Division of Fisheries and Wildlife delivered 600 rainbow trout, 300 brook trout and 200 brown trout. They also delivered 40 tiger trout measuring more than 14 inches in length.

The state delivered the trout to Mill Pond, Duarte’s Pond, Uncle Seth’s Pond and Upper Lagoon Pond.

The delivery is an annual event. Steve Hurley, southeast district fisheries manager for the division, said his records go back to 1955 when the state delivered fish to Uncle Seth’s Pond. Deliveries may go back even further.

Fishermen older than 14 years old will need a fishing license to catch these fish. Licenses can be obtained at town halls.