Like it or not, we all are a part of globalization. The source of our consumer products, the workers growing or assembling them, and the means of getting them to us, all affect how we live and work — even here on Martha’s Vineyard.

Globalization: Its Impact on Our Lives is a course to be offered on Island by the Schools of Christian Mission, promising to expand the concept of mission in today’s world.

Schools of Christian mission are held every year across the United States, usually involving two or three classes over a period of three to four days. Curriculum is developed through the women’s division of the United Methodist Global Ministries with a focus on social issues, actions and justice. This year, for the first time, Martha’s Vineyard has been chosen for a one-day special event.

Class leader for this event is the Rev. James T. McPhee, a native of Bath, Maine. Rev. McPhee is a graduate of George Washington University in government and economics and a graduate of the theological school at Drew University. Currently he is director of connectional ministries for the N.E. United Methodist Conference and serves as assistant to Bishop Weaver.

The one-day class will be held on Saturday, May 3, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Trinity Parish House in Oak Bluffs. For details or to preregister, call 508-627-4808 or 508-645-3100. A textbook is available for purchase for $7, but not required.

Registration, including a luncheon and some study materials, is $40 ($45 at the door).