Editors, Vineyard Gazette:

Another one gone:

Bill Macomber recently sold another of his Indian motorcycles. This was a very special bike — part of motorcycle history, Often referred to as the Dussenberg of motorcycles, the Indian Four is legendary. The in-line four-cylinder motor in 1937 was the only model ever offered by Indian with dual carburetors and dual exhaust, making it the fastest of the Fours. Fewer than 400 were ever made. This one, of fewer than 100 remaining worldwide, sported front and rear fenders once belonging to Steve McQueen! This classic machine, featured in several motorcycle magazines during Bill’s eight years of ownership, was truly handsome.

An ad was placed in the spring issue of the Antique Motorcycle Club magazine. Shortly, a call came in from a very nice chap in New Zealand with a very large and impressive collection of special motorcycles. An agreement was made and the machine was sold. How to get to new Zealand was more difficult. It ended up by Bill loading it into his pickup, steamship to the mainland, loading into a large tractor trailer truck in Bourne where it began a cross-country trip to Wisconsin, reloaded into another semi and traveling on to Compton, Calif. There it was put in a special crate and finally flown to Auckland, New Zealand. Halfway around the globe!

Old Indians never die, they just move on. And that is another one gone.

Lynne Macomber