The Tisbury School is celebrating April as School Library Media Month. This year’s theme, shared with the public library, is Join the Circle of Knowledge at Your Library.

School reading specialist Natalie Krauthamer and librarian Patricia Ryan report that students from kindergarten through grade four have joined the circle of knowledge by participating (at home and in school) in a reading incentive inspired by author Toni Buzzeo’s Fire Up with Reading: A Mrs. Skorupski Story.

As students devour books, they earn “scales,” which are attached to the body of a dragon. Each brightly colored scale is emblazoned with a student’s name and grade. The dragon’s head remains firmly anchored in place near the library, but the scaly body wends its way down the corridor past the computer room. The creature stopped briefly to send its fiery reading signals toward the administrative offices, then whipped its tail right by the third grade classrooms. The demand for scales continues incessantly.

All participating students receive a weekly prize, and one wins a gift certificate for a book. Everyone wonders how many more scales will be added before the last day of the incentive, today, April 18. Will the dragon’s scaly tail get all the way back to the library?