The news is that Chilmark feels the heat. This week wasn’t June in January, it was more like August in June. Our weather was very hot and humid for several days . . . not much like our usual June but very much like those few days in August when we always assure our visitors that “this is very unusual for us.”

The up-Island beaches and the Menemsha sunsets drew the crowds this week, hopefully beginning another memory-making summer holiday season. When you can catch a sunset like the one on Wednesday night, you can stand the pain at the gas pump a little better. All the seasonal businesses are now open, as the Home Port Restaurant will begin its season today, Friday, June 13. So, to paraphrase the used car dealer, come on up.

Donald Poole’s new-to-him boat came to Menemsha this week. It is a 28-foot pontoon boat to be named Hoyster. He plans to use it in his oyster-farming project. He has placed an up-weller in Menemsha Pond for raising oysters from seed. The boat will be used to harvest them. Stanley Larsen’s Menemsha Fish Market will be selling these farm-raised oysters. Donald joins other Menemsha fishermen already farming shellfish in the pond. We wish good luck to them all.

We send condolences this week to the many Island friends and family of Stuart Bangs of Vineyard Haven who died this week. His many Chilmark friends will miss him.

Congratulations to Mary Breslauer of Chilmark and Boston who was named an Abigail honoree at the Massachusetts Women’s Political Caucus annual tribute to Abigail Adams, which took place at the Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston on June 11. The honor recognizes women who have demonstrated a commitment to the political, economic and social equality for women. Mary has been a communications consultant and a political public relations writer for many years and has worked in both Washington and Boston. Her ties to Chilmark are long and deep and her many friends here are happy that her talent and hard work are now publicly recognized. Cheers from us all.

Jackie Jensen is at her Menemsha home for her annual vacation and reunion with her Chilmark family, having come from Santa Barbara.

The ospreys of Wade’s Cove are busy feeding what appears to be two chicks this week. They have gotten used to the activity going on below them and simply carry on with their parental chores regardless of trucks, cranes and the sound of hammers. No doubt they are telling each other that if you want to live in Chilmark, you have to get used to construction noises.

Ed Greenebaum of Menemsha and Bloomington, Ind., enjoyed attending his 50th graduation class reunion at Harvard last week. It was the class of 1958 in case you aren’t counting.

Scott McDowell is happy to introduce his new charter fishing boat to Menemsha. He has named her the Lauren C. for his daughter. Scott, a fisherman, is also a sculptor of copper art work and has his studio open to the public during regular business hours on Basin Road. Scott was one of those who spotted the great white shark a week ago . . . let’s hope it has gone south by now.

Forrest Speck of Amesbury is at one of the Morgan cottages. His wife, Anne Verret Speck, will soon join him for the couple’s annual Menemsha vacation.

Andrew and Ellen Jacknain of Washington, D.C., are at their Larsen Lane home.

Remember that the Chilmark Community Church has moved its popular twice-a-week flea market to West Tisbury this summer. The first sale will be June 25 and it will be held in the parking lot of the West Tisbury School from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. The church is offering Wednesday night suppers at the Chilmark church at 5:30 p.m. each week that are open to all.

The town board of health has declared the coming week, Mosquito Awareness Week. They hope to alert us to the several steps we can take to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and our exposure to their bites. Some of the basics are: avoid leaving standing water outside, always use a repellent on yourselves and children, make sure the house has screens in good repair, and try to limit activities outdoors during early morning and sunset hours, which are the most active hours for mosquitoes. Please go to the state Department of Health’s Web site for more detailed information and instruction at mass.gv/dph. You also can call 617-983-6800.

Further, Dukes County is launching a joint effort with all Island boards of health in performing mosquito trapping and collections during the months of July, August and September in an effort to identify the mosquitoes that are vectors for Eastern Equine Encephalitis and West Nile Virus. For more information, call T.J. Hegarty at 508-696-4888.

Chuck and Marjorie Phillips are back at their Larsen Lane home after a trip to Richmond, Va., to attend the graduation of their grandson, Chase Phillips 4th. Chase is the son of Charles and Marsha Phillips and will attend the College of William and Mary in the fall. Chase graduated from Deep Run High School where he was a member of the honor society and assistant director of the marching band.

Thomas Meinelt, who is now living in New York city where he is working as a photographer, came for a weekend visit with his grandparents, Ted and Polly Meinelt at their South Road home. His father, Terry, accompanied him.

The Menemsha Fisheries Development Fund will present a program at the library on June 18 at 5:30 p.m. by Dr. Robert Kennedy who will discuss the status of the bay scallop on Nantucket. Admission is free.

Cheers from us all to all our Island graduates.