Student journalists at Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School won 10 major scholastic journalism awards at the annual New England Scholastic Press Association conference held recently at Boston University. The 10 journalism awards tied a school record for most awards earned during one school year.

The association program offers awards for excellence in scholastic writing, editing, and publishing, and is open to all New England secondary schools.

The student newspaper, High School View, garnered the association’s Highest Achievement Award for excellence in scholastic editing and publishing in class II, and earned second-place honors in the All-New England category.

Individual award winners were Emily Regan, artwork, Cameras: Prevention or panopticon; Anele Davis, photography, Young women fight in gym; Julia Sadowski, feature story, Jim Novack exits stage left; Eliza Gowell, feature story, A Buddhist, a Muslim and a Catholic walk into a school; news story, Binding the biggest book; Aleta Dellenback, bylined column, On identity; Rachel Schubert, bylined column, Cutting away my magazine soul; and Sophie Lew and Rachel Schubert, feature story, Weighing work and wisdom.

Seniors Rachel Schubert and Jen Amazeen served this year as editors in chief for the View. Juniors Sophie Lew and Eliza Gowell will be the editors in chief when school opens in the fall.