Eisenhauer Gallery’s new show, Island Inspired, showcases artists who work with the Island as their muse, in particular John MacGowan, Eric Abrecht and Mikel Wintermantel.

John MacGowan has been long-loved at the gallery. He is best known for his series Will’s Red Skiff, studies exploring the smooth surfaces of a moored skiff sitting delicately on rippling water. A sailor for many years up and down the east coast, Mr. MacGowan appreciates the simple beauty of a boat gently cradled in the water. “John’s work hypnotizes people from off the street,” says gallery owner Elizabeth Eisenhauer. “We usually give him a prime gallery spot in the window because he always lures people in.”

Eric Abrecht is an emerging artist working from the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland. He works conceptually, drawing from lifetime experiences. “I start more with a rough idea than a blueprint,” he says. Rather than title his work, Abrecht gives his paintings nonspecific names. This allows viewers to apply their own feelings and experiences to each piece, without bias. “I want people to connect with my work in a way that is completely different from the person standing next to them,” he says. His paintings depict coastal farms and seaside landscapes, painted with rustic, contemporary flair.

Other gallery favorites such as Al Barker, Darlene Wall, Ron Druett and Heidi Palmer will be featured as well. The exhibition open with a reception on Thursday, June 26, from 6 to 8 p.m. featuring music by Mike Benjamin, and cocktails.