Louisa Gould Gallery opens the Vineyard Painting show today with an artists’ reception from 5 to 7 p.m. at its Main street, Vineyard Haven location. The exhibition features Lynette Goric with seascapes, Christopher Pendergast’s portraits of buoys, seashell paintings on masonite by Donna Blackburn, and, reminding us of inland Island moments, Caryn King’s farm animals

New to the gallery, Ms. Goric’s paintings combine impressionism and tonalism to create a serene mood; oceanscapes and dramatic skies capture the essence of Martha’s Vineyard where the artist has found inspiration for many years.

Mr. Pendergast believes that his childhood — growing up a foreigner in Europe — made him keenly aware of the difference between perception and reality. “Television shows such as Dallas and Dynasty often had more influence on how I was perceived than my own actions. My work explores the inherent conflict between simple objects or scenes and the complex perception that personal experience brings to a subject.”

He puts his highly representative and heavily abstracted elements on the precision surface archival panel, using the highly flexible nature of oil paint. “At first glance, the literal elements of the paintings are most significant. Upon further reflection, the role of the abstract components in providing context for those literal elements becomes clear.

Ms. Blackburn’s latest work is about challenging herself with details, whether the subtle lighting of pear trios on malachite, or the painting of old lace in a teacup still life. “It is teaching me to look a little closer and try a little harder to capture that subtle color change and the detail in that moment,” she said.

A former clay artist, texture is very important to Ms. King’s paintings. This feature is one of the things that allows her animal paintings to become intensely expressive without becoming sentimental. The event today, Friday June 27, is free and open to the public, with refreshments will be served. For details, call 508-693-7373 or see the show online at louisagould.com.