A power boat exiting Lake Tashmoo Sunday afternoon sustained heavy damage after it collided with a sailboat also exiting the narrow channel. Nobody was injured in the collision and both vessels were brought safely back into the harbor, although the power boat sustained extensive damage to its hull above the water line.

Tisbury harbor master Jay Wilbur said the 30-foot motor boat Sally Forth was exiting the harbor when it ran head-first into the 22-foot sailboat Beer Nuts. The sailboat was under full sail at the time of collision and had the right of way.

Mr. Wilbur said the Sally Forth was captained by its owner William Hambrecht, while Beer Nuts was captained by owner Walter Morris. The bow of the sailboat reportedly punctured a large hole in the hull of the motor boat, although the two were quickly separated and were able to re-enter the harbor under their own power.

The Coast Guard was not called for assistance, Mr. Wilbur said.

“There was a little confusion in both boats, I think. But the bottom line is the [Sally Forth] didn’t give way like they are supposed to in the rules, and the sailboat — having the right of way — has no choice but to strike the power boat.”

The general rule is that a sailboat under sail has the right of way, Mr. Wilbur said. He also noted the sailboat was moving with the current at the time of impact.