Environmental artist Terry Bastian will be on Island July 8 to install the Blue Wave Project, his temporary public art installation about global climate change. Mr. Bastian’s artwork is a Cristo-like piece of blue fabric arranged to look like a wave, marking where the sea may be in these communities 100 years from now if nothing is done about global warming today. He is marking cultural treasures in each community that may be lost, challenging the people to imagine how to save them.

Mr. Bastian’s plan is to wrap the coastline of Massachusetts starting with an installation in New Bedford on July 6.

Martha’s Vineyard is the next site, on July 8 at noon at Owens Park. The artist welcomes volunteers and photographers to help install and document the art. The art is installed for only an hour at each site.

For details, call Eco MV Biostore at 508-693-1023.