Lama Tsony is back at the Bodhi Path Buddhist Center of Martha’s Vineyard in West Tisbury for a weekend retreat series. Known for his experience, and appreciated for his warmth, wit and accessibility, Lama Tsony teaches throughout Europe and the U.S.

On Saturday and Sunday, July 19 and 20, and Saturday and Sunday July 26 and 27, the Bodhi Path will offer a weekend retreat series with Lama Tsony. The topic is Mind’s True Nature Through Calm Abiding and Insight Meditation. The sessions run 10 a.m. to noon and 2 to 4 p.m. each day.

Calm Abiding Meditation and Insight Meditation help to realize the mind’s true nature in a personal and direct way. These methods work to pacify mental projection and untie the entanglements and contradictions of the ego-centric mind, revealing the natural resources of freedom and compassion. In this weekend retreat series, formal sitting mediation will be combined with teaching on mind nature and instruction on how to meditate in everyday life situations. The benefit of this retreat practice is that, away from the usual business of daily life, you have the space to let the mind rest in its natural state, cultivating the simplicity of a routine daily meditation practice.

The Martha’s Vineyard Bodhi Path Center is located at 21 Laurand Drive, off Waldron’s Bottom Road in West Tisbury. For more information, call 508-696-5929.