This past fall, three American women went camping with the Qashqai nomads in the mountains of southwestern Iran. They came back from their travels with amazing stories and, perhaps more impressive still, with the hand-woven Qashqai rugs known as Gabbehs.

Now these Gabbeh rugs, made by small collectives of nomadic women, are the focus of a two-week trunk show at the Mansion House in Vineyard Haven.

Each rug is unique and magnificent. They have a strikingly modern sensibility but are designed and made following methods handed down through generations of weavers. The pure Persian wool is handspun, dyed with sustainably harvested organic pigments, and knotted by hand in open-air tents that dot the rugged terrain.

Also featured are museum-quality metal currency pieces from western Africa.

The collection is open through July 30 every day at the Mansion House, 9 Main street in Vineyard Haven.

For details, call 305-766-6825 or visit online