Sunrise Sunset

Fri., August 1 5:35 7:59

Sat., August 2 5:36 7:58

Sun., August 3 5:37 7:57

Mon., August 4 5:38 7:56

Tues., August 5 5:39 7:55

Wed., August 6 5:40 7:53

Thurs., August 7 5:41 7:52

Fri., August 8 5:42 7:51

Though hundreds will go to Menemsha to see the sunset this weekend, there is an even better event that follows afterward without anyone having to move.

It all happens above the Elizabeth Islands. Starting tomorrow night, a thin crescent moon joins three planets in alignment close to the horizon. So don’t go home until you’ve seen the skies after twilight.

The newest arrival, the brilliant planet Venus, is low in the southwestern sky. Venus hasn’t been seen in Vineyard skies for months. Last spring it was a morning planet. Now it is an evening planet.

Above and to the left of Venus there is a fainter planet, Saturn. Follow a line between Venus and Saturn and to the left and higher there is the red planet Mars. On Sunday night the moon appears higher in the western sky and close to Mars.

For the coming nights the planets are pretty much in the same place, but the moon appears higher and higher. Looking farther into the month of August, Mars, Saturn and Venus appear closer together and form a tight triangle.

Viewing these evening events can be done anywhere there is a clear view of the western sky. West Chop and East Chop are favorite spots. Those out on Aquinnah will get a great view whether they are on the shore or up on top of the Cliffs.