Tonight’s two-day old full moon appears in close proximity to the bright star Spica, in the zodiacal constellation Virgo.
Three of the visible planets — Venus, Saturn and Jupiter — are an easy sight an hour before sunrise. They form a line in the southeastern sky.
On Monday night look for the familiar waxing crescent moon as ut appears in the southwestern sky near the red planet Mars.
Look outside an hour before sunrise tomorrow morning for the crescent moon appearing near the bright planet Venus. It is essential to have a clear...
Tomorrow night’s gibbous moon appears in the spring-time constellation Virgo.
Expect extreme tides next week.
On Sunday night the waxing crescent moon appears near the bright ruby red planet Mars in the zodiacal constellation Pisces.
A thin crescent moon appears low in the southwestern sky on Tuesday evening. The moon will be close to the horizon and visible only to those with a...
The waning crescent moon and the bright planet Jupiter appear fairly close together on Wednesday morning.