The spring weather has lifted everyone’s spirits this week. Total strangers greet each other proclaiming “what a beautiful day.” We can all use some...
I have yet to resist the temptation to wear long underwear.
We are in the big transition from early to full-on spring.
Because we’ve had so many cool days and even cooler nights, the daffodil and forsythia bloom has been longer than usual.
For a couple of nights this week, the forecasters are warning of a possible frost.
It was so sunny and warm on Monday I had to go on a search for a sun hat. It was under the seat of my truck and not in the best shape.
It’s completely understandable why the ancients feared a solar eclipse. Even though we only experienced a partial here on the Vineyard, it was a bit...
Keeping Up
The only thing predictable about New England weather is its ability to change. After a few lovely spring days, we are back to rain and wind.
Having had a series of beautiful days, I find myself in a dilemma. It’s time to get out in the fields. I need to go to work.
The wind is worse for outdoor work than rain or even snow. Tarps blow around, it’s impossible to spread fertilizer and a person’s overall mood...
I wonder if I did something right in my previous life to end up on the Vineyard.