There is a lone dandelion blooming right in the parking lot in a crack in the cement next to the curbstone.
I was a bit blindsided on Tuesday morning. I did not expect such a hard freeze.
My least favorite weather is wind.
What I am about to say is unpopular but that has never stopped me in the past.
Spring is so unpredictable. On Sunday morning I fishtailed on the road in the sleet and snow.
On Sunday night or rather very early Monday morning, I woke to loud snow plows.
In my opinion, spring has sprung. The chickens are laying, canaries are singing their little hearts out, a few snowdrops are blooming, and there is...
I made a futile attempt for the six o’clock boat out of Woods Hole on Tuesday morning. The full moon was hovering over the golf course on the Woods...
I know it will not last but I’m enjoying looking out the window on Tuesday afternoon and seeing the first real snow of the winter.