Red poppies and cilantro have emerged. The cardoon has put on new growth, blue flowers are all over the variegated vinca, and sedum is up everywhere.
I have always been fond of February. The light has noticeably changed and spring is imminent.
I spoke too soon. Last week I commented that we have yet to have a proper winter.
I have accepted the fact that we are not having a proper winter. The ground has yet to freeze, I have snowdrops a nanosecond away from blooming,...
It’s rather pleasant although troubling that we had nearly a week frost-free in the end of January.
There is no place like home. I just returned as I write this from our nation’s capital.
I took advantage of the lengthening days and did some seeding in the greenhouse.
I do enjoy a good snowstorm. I needed to be forced indoors to attend some long-neglected tasks.
Here we are into another year. I did not bother to make any resolutions this year. I never keep them anyway.