Timing is everything. I have a well at my big garden but no electricity.
Don’t be fooled by the miniscule amount of rain that fell during the beginning of this week.
What a relief! The humidity has finally lifted and the nights have cooled enough for comfortable sleep.
I do enjoy a good Labor Day storm. It puts a definitive end to the summer.
Between the weeds and the lack of rain it is difficult to keep a positive attitude. How do weeds get so huge with nary a sip of water.
I love this time of year. Full-on high summer is a bit much for me.
I have lived on the Vineyard for 46 years and do not remember a day as hot and miserable as last Sunday.
Will we ever get rain? NPR mentioned yesterday that the entire state is experiencing a drought.
Many times I’ve said there is not much to gardening except recognition. Naturally, love of the subject is a huge plus.