The beautiful weather raised my level of anxiety somewhat. I wandered around looking for signs of life in the perennial beds.
I have a tiny resentment about the beautiful weather. Wait, let me explain.
We have had a series of wonderful days, and for February even. I have been doing a bit of heavy work to prepare this aging body for spring.
What a week. Last Sunday we woke up to below zero and by Tuesday it was almost 60 degrees and I had crocuses blooming all over the place.
From Garrison Keillor: “Cheer up. Make yourself useful. Mind your manners. Avoid self pity.”
It is a bit challenging to come up with gardening comments after a couple of major blizzards. Bear with me.
Don’t get me wrong. I could not be happier, personally, for our non-winter. We have to admit, however, it is rather odd.
I thoroughly enjoyed last weekend’s storm. I was able to pick quite a bit of food from my garden before the snow started.
It finally happened. Winter is upon us. I admit I was happily going about my fall chores as if nothing would ever change.