I have not received one mosquito bite. While that fact is great, it is a little odd for a person who spends more than 12 hours out of doors each day.
I spent some time locating my peanut plants. Because the weeds were so huge and well-established, I cut them at soil level. I feared for the lives of...
The Queen Anne’s lace is spectacular this year. The huge field across from the Allen sheep farm is covered with it.
Regardless of four-feet-tall weeds, I’m actually doing some major harvesting in the vegetable garden. I pulled up the garlic.
What a pleasant surprise to have a nice, steady rain last Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning feeling like all was right with the world.
It is beyond me why I bother writing, or why you, dear reader, put up with me. I observe the same things year after year and make the same comments.
Note to self: buy more drumstick allium in the fall. The inexpensive bulbs are simple to plant in the fall and are worth it.
By the way, a climber rose is a misnomer. They do not actually climb. In the old books they are referred to as long cane roses. The canes need...
It is remarkable that we have had so little rain in the past two months and the perennials still look so wonderful. The newly planted baby annuals,...