I love rain. Tuesday was a personal favorite. We worked outside. I cannot say enough about proper rain gear.
Every year at this time I am filled with regrets. Why didn’t I plant the winter squashes sooner? Why did I let so many peas go unpicked?
Since moving to the Vineyard in 1970, I have never understood that classic from Porgy and Bess, “Summertime and the living is easy.”
There is a lot of time spent in traffic these days. I put the truck in park and try to improve my powers of observation.
I guess this would be considered “High Summer.” There is plenty of food for the picking in the vegetable garden.
My three least favorite words that precede a sentence are “As one ages...”
It is beyond me why I bother to write anything down. My brain must go out the end of the pen.
Once the thunderstorm started on Tuesday evening, I was happier. Rain always pleases me in any form. The earth can use a drink.
It’s come to this, I’ve been crazy busy this past week what with all the summer arrivals.