Honestly, what’s to be said about New England weather? A week ago it was 19 degrees in the morning and this Sunday a balmy 62 degrees.
Brrr! I admit I was surprised that our first real freeze was so deep. Everything is gone.
I see by the Weather Channel that a freeze is heading our way. Although it will be sad to see the end of some of the still-blooming annuals, I...
Last weekend’s big wind event happened on the fifth anniversary of Super Storm Sandy.
I took the early boat on Tuesday morning. It was the Woods Hole, a very comfortable vessel.
Fall is definitely my favorite season. The light is simply fantastic. The only exception is driving east in the morning or west in the afternoon.
We are incredibly fortunate to live here in the Northeast. The three major hurricanes our country experienced this fall stayed far to our south.
How could the weather be more perfect than at the week’s beginning? Cool nights turning into sunny fabulous days.
Last week’s tropical storm got old very fast. The days of wind rattled my peace of mind. I will refrain from discussing how much worse it was in...
Ocean Park flowers.
On Tuesday morning an unnerving eerie calm was in the air. I guess that expression “The calm before the storm” is etched in my mind.
I doubt anyone can think of more perfect weather than we on the Vineyard have been experiencing.
I’m fond of the late-summer garden. Echinacea, rudbeckia, phlox, Joe pye weed, golden rod, and sedum look terrific.