Are we ever going to get rain? Whiting’s Pond has disappeared and the large pond at the Keith Farm looks to be a quarter of its original size.
My new favorite is the Fortex bean, a French horticultural type, only climbing over six feet tall and producing thin, round fillet-type beans over 10...
Hostas have so few drawbacks — they are beloved by rabbits, deer and slugs. Otherwise, they will serve you well.
I painstakingly separated the tiny thyme plants into cells. They had stems no bigger than a human hair. I planted them all randomly in my vegetable...
I have not received one mosquito bite. While that fact is great, it is a little odd for a person who spends more than 12 hours out of doors each day.
I spent some time locating my peanut plants. Because the weeds were so huge and well-established, I cut them at soil level. I feared for the lives of...
The Queen Anne’s lace is spectacular this year. The huge field across from the Allen sheep farm is covered with it.
Regardless of four-feet-tall weeds, I’m actually doing some major harvesting in the vegetable garden. I pulled up the garlic.
What a pleasant surprise to have a nice, steady rain last Saturday night. I woke up Sunday morning feeling like all was right with the world.