Please do not take this as a criticism. It’s downright impossible to muster up any sort of Christmas spirit with such fabulous weather.
The amount of winter moths is downright alarming. I was driving down a dirt road in Oak Bluffs and it was like being in a snow storm.
Here are a few of my least favorite things: raccoons, leaf blowers and the wasting of food. I’ll give you a break and only talk about two of them.
Here it is, Monday evening before Thanksgiving and I have yet to cement any plans. Rest assured, I will eat something and be grateful for it.
I do not do well with travel. It has given me the opportunity, however, to observe different things, not all of which are related to gardening.
There is a remarkable amount of garden work yet to be done. In my perfect world, the beds would be tidy, composted and “finished” for another year.
This time of year, the vehicles fill with flies during the day. I am a complete maniac trying to get them out of the truck.
Last week I mentioned how pleased I was that even though the temperature dipped down to 32 degrees, I did not lose any tender flowers or vegetables.
I did some mad scrambling last weekend. The threat of our first frost was all over the airways.