I did some mad scrambling last weekend. The threat of our first frost was all over the airways.
I’m wondering if it could be more perfect than the weather over the Columbus Day weekend. Then, happily, we got a ton of rain on Tuesday morning.
Several days of rain last week put me right. I finally was able to attend to some indoor projects.
The outdoor news this week has to be the lunar eclipse. Wow! It was so impressive. We hauled out lawn chairs, pillows and blankets.
I could not be happier with the change of seasons. Cool nights are just right for sleeping and midday light makes the garden world absolutely lovely.
I was so grateful for last Thursday’s downpour. It started off slow enough to prepare the ground.
There aren’t too many times in my life that I do not have the philosophy “more is better.” I am referring to the number of branches on a forsythia.
I’m ready for the season to change. Spring and fall are my favorite garden times. I am completely over this summer.
It’s been several years since it has been so hot and humid for such a long stretch. It seems like it could be a hurricane magnet.