I guess this would be considered “High Summer.” There is plenty of food for the picking in the vegetable garden.
My three least favorite words that precede a sentence are “As one ages...”
It is beyond me why I bother to write anything down. My brain must go out the end of the pen.
Once the thunderstorm started on Tuesday evening, I was happier. Rain always pleases me in any form. The earth can use a drink.
It’s come to this, I’ve been crazy busy this past week what with all the summer arrivals.
I am great at telling others what to do, it’s doing it myself that is a problem. In other words, take my advice — I am not using it.
I’m a Yankee, through and through! Last Tuesday’s rain and chill suited me just fine.
I was all set to complain about the weather this week—extremely dry with my least favorite—ill winds!
I do not know my caterpillars nor do I wish to! I have the disgusting tiny ones hanging by threads from all my apple trees.