Mantis shrimp don’t need anyone in their corner. They come out swinging and leave all prey down for the count.
My mother always made a big scene when the Thanksgiving turkey came out of the oven.
Swipe left. If my carrots were on the dating app Tinder, a potential suitor might quickly swipe left to move on to another photo.
Why did the snake cross the road? To get to the sunnyside.
I am out of soap.
This plant has some seeing red, while others see fantastic fall foliage.
Linus Van Pelt, of Peanuts cartoon fame, made this savvy observation: “There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion,...
This dog had already had its day.
“Go green” is not just a trendy slogan. For some, it is an environmental imperative, one that could save our lives and perhaps even our planet.