Forget it and go inside is unfortunately the best advice I can give to those wanting to have supper on their outdoor porches, decks or patios.
Henry David Thoreau was a man of many, many words and many accomplishments.
While seeing a handful of butterflies is quite common, observations of masses of them do happen and are clearly memorable.
With spiders, the eyes have it: the number and patterns of eyes can help determine the spider’s family group.
Reports are coming in of trees covered with dead gypsy moth caterpillars.
I disagree with moth maligners and am amazed and fascinated by the yellow slant line moth and all its moth relations.
Foraging carpenter ants are looking for sweets and proteins, not unlike many of us.
“How could you not be hopeful if you’ve got a tree around?”
Honeysuckle, of the genus Lonicera, is loved and hated with equal fervor.