Calendula was anointed with the nickname marigold in reference to the Virgin Mary, who may (or may not) have worn one on her dress.
Greg Palermo and Margaret Curtin are not ones to cry wolf.
Dark matter and its sister, dark energy, go bump in the universe.
There has been a bumper crop of Island corn this season. Thanks to Morning Glory, I have a sufficient number of ears.
Usually brown or green, Marjorie Spitz of Aquinnah found a katydid that was pretty in pink.
Last month, NOAA declared an Unusual Mortality Event for pinnipeds, a group of aquatic mammals that include seals.
Dr. John Patrick worked to set the identification of a whale skull bone in motion.
If you are keen on consumption, collecting pill bugs is not difficult.
The brown-hooded owlet is a brown and very nondescript moth, a plain Jane even among moths.