Last month, NOAA declared an Unusual Mortality Event for pinnipeds, a group of aquatic mammals that include seals.
Dr. John Patrick worked to set the identification of a whale skull bone in motion.
If you are keen on consumption, collecting pill bugs is not difficult.
The brown-hooded owlet is a brown and very nondescript moth, a plain Jane even among moths.
After a friend received multiple jellyfish stings on a beautiful beach day, she asked what are these gelatinous globs are good for, anyway?
Chilmark gardener Susan Straight has opened up quite a can of worms.
There is an angel in West Chop. Call her the patron saint of the monarchs.
Giant hogweed could be a pig in a poke for Islanders.
Caterpillars are eating my garden greens. More accurately, they are voraciously consuming every leaf in sight, leaving me almost nothing but...
Beachcomber and paleoecologist Heinz Lowenstam needed something he could really sink his teeth into. He found it in a discovery about a small mollusk...
Raccoons and their babies (called kits) seem to be everywhere, both day and night – climbing trees, wandering under the porches or decks, roaming the...
Well-named species make me happy.