There are some turtles that take their breaths through their other end. Yes, that’s right, not through their mouth, but through their anus.
Buck the shopping trend on Black Friday and go outside.
Every year, around this time, an unusual creature makes an appearance.
The woodstove is something to look forward to all year, a treat for the nose, ambiance and, of course, body warmth.  
Much of the supply of commercial garlic hails from China, which produces 79 per cent of the world’s output.
Looking for something scary? Go deep. Below the waves live creatures that some call nasty, with visages that may frighten.
Bivalve lovers are feeling a bit shell shocked after the Oct. 10 closure of Island shellfish beds.
Adding to the wonder of October is the changing foliage. Leaves have begun to show their true fall colors
Ball pythons are one player in the exotic pet industry — nonnative or wild animals kept for pets.