Mud snails are happy to be associated with, covered by, and named for mud.
If you have hornworm caterpillars on your plants and are an adventurous eater, here is a suggestion to rid your veggies of this green monster.
A total solar eclipse will be visible across the continental United States on August 21, 2017.
There must have been flies on the wall, flies in the ointment, and flies just about everywhere.
Black sea bass is a favorite fish for both its culinary qualities and interesting natural history.
Forget it and go inside is unfortunately the best advice I can give to those wanting to have supper on their outdoor porches, decks or patios.
Henry David Thoreau was a man of many, many words and many accomplishments.
While seeing a handful of butterflies is quite common, observations of masses of them do happen and are clearly memorable.
With spiders, the eyes have it: the number and patterns of eyes can help determine the spider’s family group.