Native bees deserve much credit, and are impressive in their pollinating talent, diversity and sheer numbers.
Migratory birds, fish, pollen, plant seeds, and vacationers are on the move, as was a celestial visitor, asteroid 2014 JO25.
Out with winter and in with more yellow. Forsythia flourished and dandelions bloomed, beckoning the buzzy bees, all in their golden glory.
Without making a sound, plants speak volumes.
Have we been fleeced? That is the question West Tisbury resident and concerned citizen Ginny Jones has been asking.
While this has been a winter of discontent for many of us, the leaves of the beech tree have calmly endured.
Rabbits use their teeth to make a clean cut and are able to eat plants up to 16 inches off the ground
It isn’t always easy being a doubter. At Felix Neck, we receive reports of all types of wildlife sightings from the mundane to the unusual.
Over time, it seems that February is warming faster than other months — perhaps it should be renamed Marchuary.