Bivalve lovers are feeling a bit shell shocked after the Oct. 10 closure of Island shellfish beds.
Adding to the wonder of October is the changing foliage. Leaves have begun to show their true fall colors
Ball pythons are one player in the exotic pet industry — nonnative or wild animals kept for pets.
Tiny walnut caterpillars that don’t get eaten and appear in the late summer are ravenous.
Milkweed bugs have striking black and orange X-shaped patterns on their backs and are easily observed on milkweed plants.
The red spotted purple is one of two varieties of brush-footed butterflies that have the scientific name Limenitis arthemis.
Wasps, especially yellow jackets, have been out in full force, and folks are noticing and fearing them.
Rust tide is in the news again, reported recently in Long Island waters.
Though edible, stout razor clams are not often seen at fish markets or on menus.