My mother always made a big scene when the Thanksgiving turkey came out of the oven.
Swipe left. If my carrots were on the dating app Tinder, a potential suitor might quickly swipe left to move on to another photo.
Why did the snake cross the road? To get to the sunnyside.
I am out of soap.
This plant has some seeing red, while others see fantastic fall foliage.
Linus Van Pelt, of Peanuts cartoon fame, made this savvy observation: “There are three things I’ve learned never to discuss with people: religion,...
This dog had already had its day.
“Go green” is not just a trendy slogan. For some, it is an environmental imperative, one that could save our lives and perhaps even our planet.
If Miley Cyrus was a plant, she might be salt marsh fleabane.
I often think that fall is the best of the four seasons.
“Nobody plants sweet autumn clematis twice. Plant it the first time and it will always be with you.”
It seems that everyone has an opinion about consuming wild mushrooms.