As frustrating as they are to the home gardener, for the naturalist it is hard not to be fascinated by slugs.
Dung cup mushrooms have emerged right next to an asparagus spear in the garden.
Conspicuous describes this plant only when it is in flower, as its leaves are at most two inches off the ground.
Forsythia, tulips, hyacinths, daffodils and others may herald spring in our modern era, but they were not the original firsts.
The jury is in on the Jerusalem artichoke. I am hooked on these terrific tubers.
Though plants can’t be political, if there was an election the popular vote would go to azaleas, a species which isn’t on my landscape list.
The lamprey, a jawless fish that resembles an eel, has been called the most hideous fish in the world.
Now is the time for red maples (and other species) to come out as their true selves.
Goats seem to be the new Vineyard obsession. And why not? Goats have a lot going for them.