Annual cicadas have emerged and lore suggests that the first frost occurs six weeks after they begin to sing.
Nature is full of curiosities and interesting objects. Two natural mysteries had my attention last week.
Known as the ‘perfect perennial,’ daylilies are revered for their ease of care.
Damselflies are members of the order Odonata, which also includes the more familiar dragonflies.
Giant snails (and a man that fished them) dominate my psyche and sadden my heart.
In the animal kingdom, there are more examples of same-sex relations than colors of the rainbow.
Rain really does have a scent, and our ability to smell it might be a holdover from times when rain could mean survival.
It may take some gall to defend some of summer’s ugliest harbingers, but hear me out.
As frustrating as they are to the home gardener, for the naturalist it is hard not to be fascinated by slugs.