Moon minders know that July was twice the fun of most other months because there was twice the number of full moons.
Wild indigo, known for its blues, is boasting bright yellow blossoms. This full-figured herb, which shows round or globular growth, is now in flower.
Last Sunday, State Beach was invaded by millions of jelly-like organisms, and folks wanted to know what they were.
Sea stars are known for their powerful arms that have a vascular system of tube feet, which can force open even the heartiest bivalve.
The Io moth also stood out from the others because of its size and coloration.
In a nutshell, chipmunks are quite cheeky. These ravenous and rascally rodents stockpile more than their fair share of foodstuff.
There are a few bird species that are giving those milk-making mammals a run for their money.
French Impressionist Edgar Degas was a great painter, but I have reason to doubt that he could fully appreciate a New England beach in early June.  
Eastern tent caterpillars make silken shelters in the crotch of tree branches. It is hard not to notice the collective squirming of hundreds of hairy...