Sneezy was a purveyor of misinformation.
Philadelphia horticulturist Bernard McMahon, who also happened to be Thomas Jefferson’s garden consultant and mentor, knew a good plant when he saw...
British entomologist Francis Walker was a divisive figure.
Leave it to cleaver to overtake a yard.
Looking sharp is the perfect compliment for an Atlantic needlefish.  
If it looks like a hummingbird and sounds like a hummingbird, it must be a hummingbird, right?   
My garden doesn’t stink even if my breath will. Blame it on a healthy harvest of garlic. 
What is the point? The point in question was at the end of a surprisingly long appendage emerging from the underside of a surprisingly large beetle.
Eighteenth-century British statesman and politician Robert Walpole made a cynical and apt connection between folks and fungus that could be relevant...
Basil should grow with no strings attached. So, it was clearly a string of bad luck that befell an Edgartown gardener when she noticed strange...
Pieter Cramer was a man of means with time to spare. And he spared it on insects.
Though height doesn't mean much to me, it is hard not to be elevated by the stature of the tulip tree.