The outdoor news this week has to be the lunar eclipse. Wow! It was so impressive. We hauled out lawn chairs, pillows and blankets.
I could not be happier with the change of seasons. Cool nights are just right for sleeping and midday light makes the garden world absolutely lovely.
I was so grateful for last Thursday’s downpour. It started off slow enough to prepare the ground.
There aren’t too many times in my life that I do not have the philosophy “more is better.” I am referring to the number of branches on a forsythia.
I’m ready for the season to change. Spring and fall are my favorite garden times. I am completely over this summer.
It’s been several years since it has been so hot and humid for such a long stretch. It seems like it could be a hurricane magnet.
I may have mentioned this previously, summer is my least favorite season. It’s too darned hot!
I love rain. Tuesday was a personal favorite. We worked outside. I cannot say enough about proper rain gear.
Every year at this time I am filled with regrets. Why didn’t I plant the winter squashes sooner? Why did I let so many peas go unpicked?