Last week’s two hot days accelerated the season in spades. All the lawns have greened up.
The quinces and cherries are in full and glorious bloom. Forsythia and daffodils are still holding their own.
My editor at the Gazette is kind enough to pick up my column every Wednesday morning.
The weather has been a topic of conversation for a couple months. There is quite a lot of complaining in a person’s daily travels.
The one good thing I can say about the gloomy, chilly days is that my snowdrops have looked great.
It’s just not right when Easter is early and winter refuses to let go.
Spring is doing its very best but is off to a slow start. The sun, when it finally shows itself, is strong and warm but there seems to be a chilly...
I read somewhere that a person should never make a major decision or plan in the month of March.
I do not mind a March snowstorm. The sun is getting stronger by the day so we know it will not last.
Nonnie, my maternal grandmother, was a great and consistent letter writer.
Finally, a couple of sunny days. It’s been quite a stretch of gloomy and/or rainy weather.
The several days of unseasonably warm weather have contributed to some elevated anxiety for me.