I went into the memory bank and found it to be bankrupt. I simply cannot remember the last white Christmas here on the Vineyard.

I was very grateful to have minimum wind damage on the property. Some of the gusts shook the house.

The bitter cold brought an abrupt end to gardening activities, hence you’ll have to bear with me this week. I most likely will be all over the place, looking for material.

Violet and I rode up Main street in Vineyard Haven, admiring the window boxes. We decided the red ribbons should come out right after the 25th so the remaining arrangements can simply be winter ornamentals.

Bespoke Abode is lovely, with its white-tinged pine cones and different greens.

C.B. Stark Jewelers is always a crowd-pleaser. The birch logs and turkey feathers are a nice touch.

One window that caught our attention sported dried oranges on strings.

I’m a fan of lights on bare trees as opposed to evergreens. An occasional cotoneaster placed strategically in a creeping juniper hedge hanging over a stone wall is its own seasonal statement.

I cannot figure out the purpose of burlap jackets on evergreens. If we lived where feet of snow could fall off roofs onto, say, a boxwood hedge, it would make sense. Otherwise it’s sad to see an evergreen encased for the winter when it’s really the time for them to shine.

I continue to be one of the baffled.

The winter solstice on Dec. 21 this year was the longest night of the year. The hens have been shutting down production the whole month preceding. I was lucky to get one or two eggs a day from, yikes, 25 birds. Bunch of freeloaders.

Then, on the 27th, I had six waiting for me in the morning.

It’s remarkable how they noticed the almost imperceivable change in light. I’ve said it many times: nature is grand!

In other animal news, we were able to get pigs into the freezer before the big storm. It was a huge Christmas present to not have to feed and bust ice. Every year I vow to never do it again but a year’s worth of wonderful meat always changes my mind.

Regardless of the holidays, there was a remarkable amount of news the past few weeks.

The big storm was a hot topic for days as it moved across the country.

Then, the release of the Jan. 6 Report certainly got my attention. Wonder if DJT will ever be held accountable for anything. He has a lifetime of walking away from troubles that would have spelled really bad legal news for most of us.

The fact that he lied (big surprise) about his taxes being under audit gets me particularly steamed. How do I pay more to the I.R.S. than he does? Also, what “great” businessman loses millions of dollars every year?

I, for one, feel ripped off — as any hardworking, honest citizen should!