I’ve been working outside like a crazy person and most mornings my arms and legs do not work.
It is my custom, as I drive to and fro, to jot down observations.
It’s been difficult knowing how to dress. It seems most of the day is spent putting on and/or taking off layers of clothing.
It is amazing how quickly a couple of nice days can bring us into full-on spring. Forsythia is blooming everywhere.
It’s finally happened. It has rained enough to put some water into Whiting’s Pond.
Here it is, the end of March and I made my first trip to the nursery for some just-arrived pansies.
It is difficult to remain a good sport given the unpredictable nature of our recent weather.
Wow, talk about March coming in like a lion. I spent last weekend moving flats in and out of the house in fear for their lives in the extreme cold.
Oh, how I wish complaining about the weather would actually do something about it.