If a person would create a meadow, winter rye and vetch could be planted in the fall – turned over in the spring and replanted with buckwheat for...
It always struck me as odd that after the summer solstice the days start getting shorter.
I’d kill for a nice steady rain. I know that is an unpopular statement.
Once again, last weekend was hot and humid bringing up claims of “I hate summer” on the job sites.
Last weekend’s weather brought climate change into focus. Saturday was so hot there was some complaining and whining on the job site.
I swear, I’ll never complain about Mother Nature again.
Everything in garden world is bursting with new life. I hardly know where to begin.
Last week’s two hot days accelerated the season in spades. All the lawns have greened up.
The quinces and cherries are in full and glorious bloom. Forsythia and daffodils are still holding their own.