I, for one, am really looking forward to a seasonal change.
I was all set to whine about the paltry amount of rain we got on Tuesday.
How about that thunder and lightning last Friday night?
Working in Edgartown on Monday, we came away happily drenched.
Last Thursday's tiny amount of rain made us all in garden world so happy.
For years I worked in the restaurant world. We did not have air conditioning in most places.
While Monday's rain was not nearly enough, it was a welcome relief.
We have not had measurable rain in more than a month.
I was all set to complain about the heat and humidity when I heard on NPR this morning about the heat wave in western Europe.
Over the past week we've had a series of beautiful days.
It doesn't need to be raining here on the Vineyard for the traffic to get downright laughable.
Wouldn’t it be fun if every couple of nights we could get a nice soaking rain like last Monday?