We've been having some serious rain of late. I've got big puddles in the driveway and vegetable garden.
My friend Sharlee called recently to report the Channel 4 weather to me. According to them, the tornado was directly over my house.
A person needs to be careful when hoping for something. Last column, I said I was looking forward to a freeze so I could begin fall clean-up in...
It’s a week later and folks are still talking about the big storm. I don’t remember wind lasting for so many hours.
As I write on Tuesday afternoon, I wait unhappily for the impending northeaster.
I wore a sweater at work for the first time this fall. Whoopee!
There is nothing quite like October on the Vineyard. Sunny with low humidity during the day and extra blanket temperatures at night.
Monday and Tuesday's cool, rainy days gave me a rare opportunity to tend to some indoor tasks and for some goofing off.
Finally, the nights are cool enough for that extra blanket. It seems strange that tropical storms are still coming off the coast of Africa.
Wow, what a series of beautiful days! I know we have had quite a bit of rain but, oddly, Whiting’s Pond is surprisingly low.
I, for one, am very fond of the change of seasons. The air is becoming less humid, the light is wonderful, and I love it getting dark a little sooner...
Last week, I wrote, as is my custom, on Tuesday. It was after Hurricane Ida had wrecked havoc on Louisiana. It had not yet moved through the country...