I had another minor freeze last week but the dahlias are still not dead.
I’m not one to ever complain about rain. I firmly stand by that statement after following the week’s news about all the wild fires in California —...
Rew, Pennsylvania had basically one street. We lived in the center of town, so to speak.
I was surprised after the days-long wind and rain last week that there was not nearly as much tree and plant damage as I feared.
A couple of weather events set me back on my heels this past week.
I’m loving the cool nights and days with low humidity. It’s enjoyable to work outdoors.
I often think that fall is the best of the four seasons.
Last weekend’s weather was not only the beauty of the Vineyard after Labor Day but probably the reason for living.
Finally, after days on end in the news we are finally done with Hurricane Dorian. Good riddance.
Here it is, another Labor Day and the beginning of hurricane season.
Last weekend’s cloud formations were fabulous.
It’s either my advancing age, the fact that I work outdoors, or climate change, but it’s simply too darned hot.