On Saturday, I took a quick road trip up to Marion. Violet was performing in the Tabor Academy String Ensemble winter concert.
The beautiful weather has put my Christmas spirit on hold. I cannot drag myself out of the garden to look for the outdoor lights.
Several weeks ago I wrote about a memorable sunrise viewed from the upper deck of the SSA vessel, Woods Hole. I can now top that experience.
Honestly, what’s to be said about New England weather? A week ago it was 19 degrees in the morning and this Sunday a balmy 62 degrees.
Brrr! I admit I was surprised that our first real freeze was so deep. Everything is gone.
I see by the Weather Channel that a freeze is heading our way. Although it will be sad to see the end of some of the still-blooming annuals, I...
Last weekend’s big wind event happened on the fifth anniversary of Super Storm Sandy.
I took the early boat on Tuesday morning. It was the Woods Hole, a very comfortable vessel.
Fall is definitely my favorite season. The light is simply fantastic. The only exception is driving east in the morning or west in the afternoon.