I have an F-150 from the eighties with no air conditioner. It is less than pleasant sitting in traffic.
When I was a little girl and we had a stretch of hot, humid weather at the end of August, we were forbidden to play outdoors.
The monarchs seem particularly fond of the bright-colored zinnias. I’m not sure I noticed in the past.
When I first began writing this column over 10 years ago, I had some sort of rant about one thing or another.
I could not have been happier with the lovely rain last Saturday afternoon.
A couple of us were complaining about the hot, humid weather in Vineyard Grocers. Mark, the manager told us that Oman on the Arabian peninsula just...
Once again the weather people promised rain on Sunday and were totally off. I wish I had their job and could be wrong most of the time and still keep...
As I recall, July is notorious for lack of rain.
I spent the entire eight-hour work day on one property doing nothing but hauling hoses around.
One would think that a garden-type person would appreciate what hot, humid weather does for the rapid growth of plants.
If a person would create a meadow, winter rye and vetch could be planted in the fall – turned over in the spring and replanted with buckwheat for...
It always struck me as odd that after the summer solstice the days start getting shorter.