Tuesday’s sky was non-stop enormous thunderheads. I almost expected to see the hand of God touching Adam, a la the Sistine Chapel. Rain had been forecast for the weekend but we received barely a drizzle.

The nice days are bringing both incredible plant growth and traffic. I can’t imagine that folks are arriving for summer as yet.

There is no chance of boredom, what with a million spring tasks.

Paid workers and homeowners are all spiffing up yards.

While cleaning up a job site I was pleased to see several things coming up in ornamental pots right through the spent annuals from last summer. Allium, coral bells and astilbe can be cleaned up and be a base for some fresh annuals. Usually I like to renew the soil in pots and boxes and give a nice helping of ProGro.

I love the violas that are available for sale right now. Often, they will reseed and last for a few years. I’m not a fan, however, of the so-called monkey-faced pansies. I think the flower is abnormally large for the size of the plant. Also, people tend to neglect their dead-heading duties and the flower often looks bedraggled and tired.

The already-blooming wild mustard is taking over a few areas. It makes me feel hopelessly behind. Supposedly that plant came over on the Mayflower and was enjoyed by the Pilgrims as the first green of spring. Either global warming or the use of six milliliter plastic has solved that problem for us now living in New England.

I’ve had greens growing in my unheated and not-very-tight hoop house all winter.

In late February I seeded a package of De Cicco broccoli. I saved every one in a few trays. About the beginning of April, I put all in the open ground a mere inch or so apart and have been cutting the leaves to the quick every few days.

They are delicious raw in a salad. I guess I’ll leave a few to mature or not.

Already the white cabbage moth is fluttering around the kale and other cole crops. I tried to drown a few with the hose but they dried off and went about their merry way.

I saw an unrecognizable green stick in a bed recently. It used to be a rhododendron that had been completely destroyed by deer. Have they always been deer food or is this new behavior?

Speaking of bad animal behavior: I have a bunny who lives in my fenced-in vegetable garden. He’s so brazen that I have to run at him to interrupt his lunch. I have resorted to copious amounts of liquid fish and seaweed fertilizer to keep him away from baby peas, lettuce and cabbages. Lucky for me there are plenty of weeds to keep him occupied.

There is so much news this week — where to begin? I love how no one mentioned Donald Trump’s age but Joe Biden is too old?

Of course, I guess age is irrelevant when crazy is involved.

My favorite story of the week is the Tucker Carlson departure from Fox “News.” What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall for that exit interview.

Fox is remarkable. They have to pay almost 800 million dollars to Dominion for lying and yet don’t have to apologize.

I switched channels the night after Carlson’s departure and they were talking about how Democrats want to ban meat eating and that all Democrat-controlled cities are crime-infested.

Joe Biden might be old but he’s normal. Give me normal — even boring — any day!