I was so happy for last weekend’s rain. I could have used several days of it. It’s been so dry of late. I’m grumpy when the hauling of hoses begins so early in the spring.

It’s amazing how quickly a garden gets away from a person. I blinked and plant growth behaved as if on steroids. Oh yes, also the weeds. I love how the books say “weed before they go to seed.” Gee whiz: I wish I’d thought of that!

Last week I mentioned that many hydrangea sticks seem to be dead as a result of a mild winter but then a couple days of bitter cold.

Many people have reported the death of butterfly bushes. I’m one of them, although there does seem to be some new growth at soil level. Hope springs eternal.

My crape myrtle took a hit as well. Time will tell if the tiny bit of new growth will amount to anything.

The blue-eyed grass is blooming. It’s a small wildflower and one of my favorites because I love saying its scientific name: sisyrinchium. I’ve noticed it only blooms when the sun is shining. It tends to go dormant by mid-summmer, so now is the time to enjoy it.

The peony buds are once again covered with ants. Do not fret. They will not harm the plant but are eating a sweet nectar on the bud. They will move on when full.

I hope none of you made this mistake. I moved the houseplants outdoors right before the dry, windy day last week. They are all wind-whipped and sunburned. Oh well!

Earlier this spring I flopped several trays of broccoli seedlings. They were at the most an inch apart. I began cutting them as greens and we enjoyed several meals. Even though no heads were in sight, they were a tender broccoli flavor. Here it is weeks later and the little plants are growing back again about six inches tall, so I guess I’ll cut them again. I don’t see the need to let them form heads as, knowing me, they will get away from me and go to flower.

I don’t know how we got to Memorial Day already. When I was young we called it Decoration Day because folks decorated the graves of the fallen.

I think Memorial Day is the date I hoped I would see the tomatoes finally in the ground. I don’t see that happening. At least I’m watering them in their seed trays. Good thing we have a long, warm fall here on the Vineyard.

I’m a big fan of bridalwreath spirea. All the yards in Rew, Pa. had one but I think they have fallen out of style in the landscape world as they are no longer as common.

I have a white rhododendron in the yard that has not a single bloom. Oddly, however, it was in full flower last fall. Go figure.

By next week we will have reached the debt limit. What has happened to the Republican party? I wonder if some of the newer members even realize what this could mean for the world economy. I pay my bills, usually right when they arrive.

I guess rich people need big fat tax cuts (thanks, DJT) and veterans, the elderly, children and the working poor should pay for those cuts.