Here it is, another Labor Day and the beginning of hurricane season.
Last weekend’s cloud formations were fabulous.
It’s either my advancing age, the fact that I work outdoors, or climate change, but it’s simply too darned hot.
This past weekend was the reason for living. The low humidity and reasonable temperatures were coupled with cool nights, making most folks pretty...
We've had several nice days with low humidity. Even though it's quite warm, it's been pleasant, especially in the shade.
A week ago Tuesday's super quick tornado/lightning/rain event was a bit anxiety-producing.
I worked in the restaurant business for probably 30 years, starting in high school.
I’m one of the baffled ones. Last Friday’s rain was lovely and seemingly significant. Here it is Monday and I’ve been handling hoses. What gives?
I'm sorry to admit it, but I am not a big fan of summer.
That was quite a storm last Sunday afternoon.
I have good Guy Cotton raingear but it did not matter last Thursday.
After last Tuesday morning's lovely and much needed rain, I traveled Middle Road around lunch time.