I’m fond of the late-summer garden. Echinacea, rudbeckia, phlox, Joe pye weed, golden rod, and sedum look terrific.
I’ve never minded being out in the rain. I do not dash from the car, use an umbrella, or complain about it.
You lucky folks who made the trip to see the total solar eclipse.
I was enjoying my coffee in a lawn chair last week watching the sprinkler go back and forth. A hummingbird was darting in and out of the mist.
I’m happy about the nighttime temperatures this summer.
I had my maternal grandmother, Nonnie, until I was well into my 30s with children of my own.
Some years ago I planted some artichokes and its cousin, cardoon. I promptly lost the labels and could not tell them apart.
It is difficult to maintain a cheerful nature in hot and humid weather. I suppose it’s great for beachgoers.
I take full responsibility for the errors in last week’s column. As most of you know, I hand-write on Tuesdays and my editor is kind to swing by my...