For a couple of nights this week, the forecasters are warning of a possible frost.
It was so sunny and warm on Monday I had to go on a search for a sun hat. It was under the seat of my truck and not in the best shape.
It’s completely understandable why the ancients feared a solar eclipse. Even though we only experienced a partial here on the Vineyard, it was a bit...
Keeping Up
The only thing predictable about New England weather is its ability to change. After a few lovely spring days, we are back to rain and wind.
Having had a series of beautiful days, I find myself in a dilemma. It’s time to get out in the fields. I need to go to work.
The wind is worse for outdoor work than rain or even snow. Tarps blow around, it’s impossible to spread fertilizer and a person’s overall mood...
I wonder if I did something right in my previous life to end up on the Vineyard.
The snow is gone, temperatures are rising, shrubs and trees are showing tiny buds and folks seem very happy.
It's for a short period of time that I enjoy snow.
I do love a good snowstorm. Everything is so pretty.
Sometime during the more than two weeks of cloudy, dreary weather, Zappa — my five-year-old great-grandson — said, "Mame, didn't the sky used to be...